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There is a certain intangible magic to light.

Not only is it simply the fundamental core of the medium, but as a storytelling tool it wields great power, it can bring hope, evoke fear, and everything in-between using nothing more than a bunch of photons dancing through space.

As a technical craft, the technological changes the past decade have handed us new and exciting tools and techniques, which have fundamentally changed how we work.

After over a decade and a half, I still love the craft of lighting, and I am as passionate as ever in working with cinematographers to harness its magic.

Blurry Shadows


My name is Matt Parnell

I'm a Chief Lighting Technician/Gaffer based in Queensland, Australia. I am a 100% self confessed lighting nerd. I have worked across the screen sector, from tentpole studio features and international tv series, to Australian drama, commercials and social media content. I bring my passion, experience and knowledge to set with the sole aim to deliver great results, for Cinematographers, Directors and Producers alike.

To find out more about me, please don't hesitate to contact me, or in the meantime check out my CV and IMDB profile.




Over the last 17 years I have developed an excellent working relationship with Monkey Business Film Services, one of Australia's largest Film and TV Lighting companies. As my preferred supplier, I know Monkey Business is a one stop shop who can reliably deliver state of the art lighting equipment, from the latest in LED technology to the the HMI workhorses we all know and love, in packages that suit all budgets- from Small Vans to Large Trucks.

Mirror Film Lighting also carries a large range of specialist equipment that I personally can't do without- including Lighting Control Systems, CRLS Reflectors, LED Fixtures, specialist rigging and textiles.



phone: +61 407 126 067


insta: @mirrorfilmlighting

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